Supported Independent Living

Community Living Atikokan has been a source of support for many individuals with an intellectual disability searching for accessible and meaningful ways to live in the community. Whether it’s living alone or with a roommate, working in a supported environment or participating in community activities, we are here to help individuals realize their full potential and dreams.

 Supported Independent Living is a community based program aimed at teaching people various functional skills to be successful, with the primary focus on supporting a person’s choice. Skill development can focus on budgeting, apartment maintenance, grocery shopping, social and relationship building, community networking, advocacy and rights, healthy living choices and other aspects of daily living.

 Since we recognize that preferences and skill levels vary, supports have to be mufti-faceted. For this reason, the development of the SIL program was realized. This program provides staffing to individuals in community-based apartments and serves those individuals during various times of the day, dependent on needs and allotted support funding. The program offers flexibility, a high level of staff dedication to continuous learning and a willingness to adapt to continuous changes within developmental services. It also provides a safe and secure environment conducive to learning.

Our Members are prominent in the community, enjoy a wide range of opportunities that provide participation, and are continually realizing a sense of autonomy, belonging, and acceptance for the contributions they make, along with the sense of satisfaction that can be attained through independent living.