Intensive Support Residence

Community Living Atikokan’s Intensive Support Residence program provides one-to-one support to persons displaying difficult behaviors often resulting from a history of unmet needs or trauma. For these individuals, the result is often relationship resistance, chronic rule-breakers, a feeling of helplessness and insecurity, and isolation.

 Intensive supports promote the success of individuals who have learning needs that impact on several areas of development and who require intense and frequent supports to optimize their learning achievements. Professional services from psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc, provide extra support, along with other community based services. The emphasis is on helping the person to expand and deepen his/her relationships, achieve a sense of health and well-being, provide opportunities to have fun in ordinary community places, helping those supported to recognize their own personal power while learning valuable skills, and by identifying positive and socially acceptable methods to get needs met.