Group Living

Group Living provides Members with physical and/or intellectual challenges the opportunity to live in a community-based, family-style setting, where our dedicated team promotes a sense of health and well-being. Skilled and caring providers offer 24-hour support, displaying compassion, dignity and respect, and fostering an environment that is safe and supportive.

 The home provides a setting for self-care, relationship-building skills, life-skills training, meal preparation, personal care and access to community resources, activities and services. A model of person centered planning is utilized and developed in partnership with the Member, his/her family or others closest to them, along with support staff to ensure that the person’s expressed desires and choices are supported and realized.

 Upholding the values of the organization, trained staff members provide positive approaches to support focusing on a sense of belonging, personal power, choice, and control over one’s life. A typical day for the residents may include work, recreational participation, general household duties, and/or visits with friends or family. The large and spacious home, located in a well established neighborhood, is warm and inviting, and often the setting for many CLA gatherings.